The Chamber has facilitated bilateral business relationships for nearly 100 years.

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A powerful, collaborative, and historic community

The Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce

Since our beginnings in 1921 as "The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain," our objective has been consistent: to coordinate activities between Canada and the UK.

In 1927 our Chamber was incorporated as a UK company and in 1970 our organisation's name permanently changed to the Canada-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce.

Today our Chamber is comprised of representatives and leaders from some of Canada and the UK’s most recognisable businesses. For nearly 100 years, we have prioritised meaningful introductions to encourage and foster business development—now and into the future.






Board Directors & more



Diversity & Inclusion


The Diversity Committee advocates and ensures inclusion in the Chamber's Membership, Event Programme, Board representation and Secretariat. Advice within this forum assists in the business development of organisations from Canada and the UK, including advice for start-ups wishing to trade and invest in Canada and the UK.



The energy forum promotes knowledge transfer and trade within the energy sector between Canada and the UK. Forum events are established to further knowledge and conversation about renewable and non-renewable resources alike.


Financial Services


Led by co-chairs Wayne Lee (CIBC) and Peter Walker (TD Securities), this forum allows for the promotion of professional services involving investments, lending, and management of money and assets.

International Trade


The International Trade Forum promotes the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders and territories. Past events include dedicated breakfasts focusing on Brexit with guest speaker Lord Gus O'Donnell and Informal Luncheon with Tim Sargent, Canada's Deputy Minister for International Trade.


Mining & Natural Resources


With a specific focus on mining, forestry, and metals, this forum ensures a balanced understanding of the opportunities between the Canadian and UK industries. Heralded by co-chairs Al Gourley (Fasken Martineau) and Simon Malin (Hatch Associates), this forum hold frequent events with a focus on modern challenges.


If you're looking for guidance and assistance with business development, this forum is for you. The objective of this organization is to encourage knowledge transfer and support, including advice to startups wishing to trade and invest in Canada and the UK.




From GDPR to artificial intelligence, the technology forum explores and informs our members about ways to utilize and maximize technology, business, and trade between Canada and the UK.