Interview: Cindy Etsell & the Importance of Offering a Unique Selling Proposition.

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In the lead up to our September SME workshop, we interviewed Cindy Etsell, author of the book ‘Cooking Up Success’ and host of the workshop: ‘Unique Selling Propositions, Segmentation & Pitching– Standing out from the Crowd’. Find out more about the workshop by clicking on the ‘Register’ button below:

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What is a Unique Selling Proposition?

 Cindy Etsell: Also called Unique Selling Point, a Unique Selling Position is the feature or characteristic of a product or service that makes it stand out from the crowd.


Why should SMEs work on their USP?

CE: This is their elevator pitch, in a competitive market it is vital they can show succinctly why someone should buy from them, what makes them unique and different from others in the market and be able to present it in a way to capture the audience’s imagination.


Can you give a personal example of a situation in which you were successful at pitching your USP?

 CE: Food is used as a metaphor for change so my USP is 'Together we take your raw ingredients and help you cook up a recipe for success'. This helped me close a big deal with a client because the line created a picture of success for them around getting their sales teams to create leads while at specific industry events.


Can you explain what the participants will achieve at the end of your SME Workshop?

 CE:  Walk away with a clear understanding of their USP, how to pitch for funding, prospects, partners, using body language and voice to demonstrate their elevator pitch. This workshop is all about putting their USP into action working together to hone their USP. They also get a copy of my book, Cooking up Success.

Cindy’s Etsell’s career includes working with companies such as Pearson, SAP, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Microsoft, SAS and many others. She has worked across various industries and sectors. In her career she believes it is critical to create, test and practice pitching yourself and to articulate your USP to achieve success. Cindy began working with SMEs in Canada and large FTSE 500 companies in the UK, in sales, channel, marketing and corporate management. 


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