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Three easy steps to protect IP, your most valuable business asset

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Trade Secrets & Intellectual Property Workshop

Intellectual property is probably the most valuable, yet least understood business construct. More than 80% of the value of your business is intangible protected by intellectual property, yet you can complete an MBA at the world’s best business schools without taking a course on intellectual property! Accountants, lenders, and insurers prefer to provide services covering tangible assets, i.e. those they can see and touch. IP lawyers tend to focus on registered rights such as patents and trademarks, as they have fee structures that cover these, but not unregistered rights like trade secrets that can be your most valuable.

No wonder then that few managers properly understand how to use intellectual property to create competitive advantage in their businesses.

Intellectual property strategy is important because it builds and underpins value in your business, anticipates and mitigates (IP) competition issues, and protects people, process, platform, and technology.

What is the right intellectual property strategy for your business now, at your stage of development and with your expansion ambitions?

Join John Pryor and Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce for a workshop where will cover the definitions, the development of competitive advantage, identifying and capturing key assets and how to apply intellectual property strategy to your business .

Find out

  • Why balance sheets only show 10% of the real value for the world’s largest companies?
  • Why you should not use ‘zoom’ for sensitive discussions like invention disclosure?
  • Why trade secrets are like glaciers?
  • The reasons you could get sued for patent infringement.
  • Why your information security programme neglects one key aspect of ISO compliance?
  • How to manage the IP form that ‘walks through the door but leaves on a horse’?
  • Why NDAs are like sweets?
  • How to best protect your brands and inventions?
  • What the following means for your business? ‘Two men can keep a secret as long as one of them is dead,’ Mark Twain
  • How IP education and IP culture could be your best intellectual property defence?
  • Why the insider threat is your biggest information security risk?
  • Why you have cyber insurance but you do not know (the value of) what was stolen? 

Programme at a glance

Registration Fee

£50.00 + VAT (20.00%)
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