ESG: How far have we come? Webinar

Oct 16, 2023|Chamber

Description : Watch this webinar with BLG and Woodfines now.

The ongoing impact of ESG for companies and the effects of the ongoing political and commercial backlash.

In the light of the political, economic and cultural backlash against ESG in some western democracies and increasing government regulation and intervention in financial services and in the workplace, approaching overload, employers, their boards and advisors are having to develop a greater range of policies and procedures with advice from experts, legal or otherwise in relation to labour practices, diversity initiatives, affirmative action, corporate activism, supply chains, energy security, woke capitalism, identity issues and geopolitics, with investors and stakeholders holding companies to account.

This webinar will examine these developments and challenges and will attempt to help companies successfully navigate an increasingly complicated political and economic landscape in relation to a growing range of ESG related issues. It should be of particular interest to boards of global companies and their legal advisors.

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